Neurotherapeutics and Neuropharmacology

It's miles an older time period for the remedy of neurological disorders which have an impact on the brain mechanism and the nervous system which can be treated with certain therapeutic modalities and novel research that is ongoing in research activity. Neurotherapeutics session almost covers half of the world's advanced solutions for the neurological impairmentsneurological disorders and what not to be added. There can be a profound boon within the gathering of our world neuro congress where Neuro diagnostics technique and drug discovery inside the area of Neurology and various allied neurosciences under neurology can be discussed. It consists of Stem cells and remedy, Nerve damage and restore clinical case document, Neurogenesis, cell and gene-primarily based method and Neurotransmitter release and cell restore.

  • Track 11-1 Neuroendocrinology, Gastroenterology
  • Track 11-2 Molecular neuropharmacology
  • Track 11-3 Behavioral neuropharmacology
  • Track 11-4 Neuro Immune Pharmacology
  • Track 11-5 Psychopharmacology
  • Track 11-6 Pain Management in Neuropharmacology
  • Track 11-7 Neuropharmacology Surgical Treatments
  • Track 11-8 Neurological recoverment
  • Track 11-9 Neurochemical Transmission
  • Track 11-10 Neurotherapeutics Drug discovery challenges
  • Track 11-11 Multisensory Integration
  • Track 11-12 Cortical remapping
  • Track 11-13 Efficacy of Neural interventions

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