Neuromuscular Disorders

Neuromuscular disorders are the illnesses which impair the functioning of muscle groups each right now via affecting the voluntary muscle groups or with the resource of affecting the nerves system or neuromuscular junctions. revolutionary muscle weak factor is the condition in those neurological disordersNeuromuscular disorders may be labelled as ailments of the Neuromuscular disorders, neuron cellular problems, Motor neuron disorder and so on. so as to diagnose these sicknesses, Electromyography should be used, inside the route of Electromyography, small electric impulses are given to the nerves and electric responses are recorded. This allows discovering the lack of nerve fibres and problems of insulation of nerves. Neuromuscular conference allows to interpret in these criteria’s all along the neurology conference in Prague.

  • Track 13-1 Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
  • Track 13-2 Neuromuscular Junction Disorders
  • Track 13-3 Bruns Apraxia
  • Track 13-4 Bastian-Bruns Sign
  • Track 13-5 Bruns Nystagmus
  • Track 13-6 Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease
  • Track 13-7 Dandy-Walker Syndrome

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