The process of formation of the neuron cells from the predefined cells to the grownup neurogenesis is described as Neurogenesis. This mechanism takes area throughout embryogenesis by using the neural stem cells and progenitor cells in our neurology conference. This mainly deals with the form and features of diverse varieties of science in neurology. via a chain of genetic mechanisms of mobile fate dedication, many unique types of excitatory and inhibitory neurons are made from exceptional kinds of neural stem cells in every session of neurology conference. The boom method in area and evolution of practical matter. Our neurology conference moreover describes about the biophysical parameters of highbrow capability and new techniques for the development of neural cells in distinctive way of life medium.

  • Track 2-1 Noogenesis
  • Track 2-2 Adult Neurogenesis
  • Track 2-3 Neurons Cellular Differentiation
  • Track 2-4 Neural Stem Cells
  • Track 2-5 Neuron Progenitor Cells
  • Track 2-6 Neuro Embryogenesis Stage

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